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Fiona Waring BSc hons Dip NT - Nutritional Therapist
SG‘I first visited Fiona at the beginning of 2008. We discussed my symptoms caused by my MS. We worked on diet and supplement use, I discovered which foods were causing me issues and which foods gave me beneficial effects. Since making these changes, I have had definate improvement in some of my symptoms. More specifically energy levels, bloating, constipation. I have also been overweight for a number of years and have now lost weight and maintained that without having to consciously 'go on a diet'. So, the whole thing has been a very positive and beneficial experience.’ 
MR"I saw Fiona for what I thought would be a brief MOT type check-up to make sure that I was generally eating a relatively healthy diet. To my surprise, Fiona explained that a lot of what I was eating wasn't actually as good for me as I thought. I am really grateful for Fiona's advice on more nutritional and healthy mid-meal snacks, and found the food plan really helpful. I have also cut caffeine out of my diet, which I previously thought would be really difficult, and am far more conscious and careful about the food I eat. As a result, I have been feeling more energetic and healthier."

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